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Our tools are used by large organizations supporting thousands of frontline health workers, as well as local organizations and clinics. Learn more about your options for deploying Medic Mobile.

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While one member of Medic Mobile's field team is traveling 100 miles on rough roads to visit a remote clinic, other members of our team – software developers, health researchers, and project managers – are working with them to fine-tune models, devise new patient interventions, and make time-saving software improvements. Our teammates exhibit unique levels of patience, confidence, and empathy; we work together every day as a distributed interdisciplinary team to improve health outcomes and ultimately save lives.

Data Scientist


We are hiring for the position of Data Scientist to spearhead our organization's efforts to use data to drive programmatic decisions and product features, with a focus on building algorithms and predictive analysis.

Senior Designer (Uganda)


We are hiring for the position of Senior Designer to assist our partners with human-centered design activities to support the implementation of projects alongside project deployment teams. This position will be based in Kampala, Uganda.

Project Manager (Kenya)


We are looking to immediately hire a Project Manager to assist our partners in designing, innovating, implementation and support of Medic tools. This position will be based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Innovation Network Designer (Kenya)


We are looking to hire a Senior Designer for the Innovation Network to be based in Kenya. The Innovation Network Designer will package user insights, produce design documentation, and inform best practices of the new tools and workflow for external audiences and application in different settings. You will also lead the user research, persona development, requirements gathering, workflow design, user testing and validation, coordinating closely with the Living Goods Innovation Director and Medic Mobile’s Senior Researcher. 

Project Deployment Manager (Asia)


We are looking to hire a Project Deployment Manager to implement and manage Medic Mobile’s tools and deployments alongside key partners. This position will be based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Short-Term Communications Consultant


We are looking to immediately hire a communications consultant to create Medic Mobile and Living Goods joint case-study. Consultant will work closely with both Living Goods and Medic Mobile teams (who are based in East Africa and San Francisco).

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